For 40 years Centro Astalli has stood in solidarity with asylum seekers and refugees arriving in Italy to flee wars, persecution, violence, torture, and natural disasters.

There are many ways to support the services and initiatives of Centro Astalli and display your solidarity with refugees. Already many friends and volunteers have decided to walk alongside them with us. You too can do something for them!

Many are asking us in these times how they can help refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. What can we help them with? What do they need? How are they doing? We are ready to give a hand!

I stand by them

“I stand by them” focuses on what we can do together for refugees, the principal needs and how you can help move them forward.

  • Give a hot meal
  • Give support to torture victims
  • Help a refugee family
  • Gift refugees with a driver’s license to make them autonomous 
  • Gift Italian students with a meeting with a refugee and support the project Finestre – Refugee Stories

For donations:

Postal banking account, n. 49870009, addressed to: Centro Astalli per l’assistenza agli immigrati ODV – via degli Astalli 14/A – 00186 Roma

Wire transfer, Intesa Sanpaolo, Via del Corso branch 226 – 00187, Roma;

Checking account addressed to Centro Astalli per l’assistenza agli immigrati ODV

IBAN IT27N0306905020100000076831 – codice BIC  BCITITMM

Or you can make a donation online using the form on the side.


Donations given to Centro Astalli by individuals or legal entities subject to the IRES (imposta sul reddito delle società) are tax deductible up to 10% of total declared income and to a maximum of 70,000 euros annually (art. 14 D.L. n. 35/05). As an alternative, natural persons can subtract from their gross tax an amount equal to 19% of their donation but not exceeding 2,065.83 euros (art. 15 co. 1 lettera i bis DPR n. 917/86).

Donation deductions are allowed on condition that the transfer be carried out by bank, post office, or with bank checks, cashier’s checks, or credit cards.

Facing the future with refugees for a new us

Accompanying, serving, and advocating their rights is at the heart of all our actions. Building up reception and integration processes to promote the humanity of every refugee is our daily commitment.

As a matter of fact, we carry out many services and activities every day. To continue to do so, today and tomorrow, we need you.

Together we can do a lot. Together we can do even more!

Join us on a path of concrete actions that is never just an offer of services but rather a relationship building process where every refugee has the right to be welcomed, listened to, and recognized.

Helping refugees is a way of recognizing ourselves as a living, supportive community. It is a way to build a new tomorrow together, made for and shared with everyone. The road we have travelled so far teaches us that we can move forward only together, looking to the future, for a new us with refugees.


from us and on behalf of all those we will be able to reach together with your help too!