• Introduction

Digitized! Supporting information and procedures to access digital services in Rome

To access most of the Public Administration services you need to use the digital method. Here you will find some information sheets on the main digital tools and services.

Before trying to access a digital service:

What you need is

  • a device (tablet, computer, smartphone);
  • connection to the Internet;
  • a personal mobile phone number;
  • an e-mail account.

What you must remember

  • to save the passwords chosen to access the various services and tools in a safe mode;
  • to always use the same email and the same telephone number or to communicate changes, in order not to lose messages and communications; 

  • that Italian is the language for dealing with the Public Administration.

Find out how you can:

Create an e-mail account

an essential online communication tool for relating to the Public Administration and using digital services and tools

Request the tax code and the health care card

essential documents for identification, access to work and services of the National Health Care System

Have an electronic identity card (CIE)

identity document which also allows access to various digital services of the Public Administration

Activate a digital identity (SPID)

main digital recognition system essential for accessing most online services of the Public Administration

Request or change residence (even virtual)

the starting point for accessing many services, including digital ones, being able to subsequently access digital services and rights

Apply for a subscription pass of the public local transports

find out how to apply for a subscribtion pass and if you are entitled to one

Access the MYINPS reserved area

essential platform to know and to learn how to use it

Enter the Municipality of Rome portal

how to navigate the Municipality website and access the various online services available

Use the digital Agenda of the Prefecture of Rome

how to book an appointment in the Prefecture