How to activate digital identity (SPID)

What you need
  1. identity card (or Italian passport or Italian driving licence);

  2. health card/fiscal code;

  3. smartphones;

  4. telephone number

  5. email accounts.

How to do it

You have to choose between the different Digital Identity Managers
Some are paid, some are free. In addition, face-to-face or remote recognition of the person requesting the SPID may be required; in other cases, online registration is sufficient.

Once activated, you will need the SPID to access some Public Administration services: you will always be asked to select the manager with which you activated it (for example Poste ID). The procedure depends on the operator chosen, remember that you will always need the help of your smartphone


Following, an example, as widely used, the SPID procedure of Poste Italiane

attivazione spid poste italiane gratuito

To register on the website, click on this link


You must enter the requested information, as for the procedure with face-to-face recognition in presence. Once you have completed the online registration you will have to create your spid password and wait for the activation email, without having to go to the post office

For this procedure you will need to have a certified number, which is the number you gave to Poste to activate your BancoPosta or Postepay account and your credentials (username and password).

If you don’t remember your credentials, you can carry out the recovery procedure on the website