How to request the tax code and health card

  • Tax ID code

What you need

  1. residence permit and passport or identity card or other document recognized by the Italian authorities;
  2. the AA48 form which you can find on the Revenue Agency website.

How to do it

  1. make an appointment online in any Revenue Agency office through the website, and deliver the completed AA4/8 form on the day of the appointment.

To book access the page, click on Booking

  • Health care card

What you need

  1. residence permit;
  2. tax code;
  3. residency in the Region where you live and use the Public Health Care services.

How to do it

you can ask at the local ASL desk or make an appointment online at the Revenue Agency.

The health care card will be sent to the residential address. If you cannot receive mail at your home address, remember that you can ask to have your card sent to another address, giving reasons for your request.

If you have lost your tax code or your health care card you can ask the Revenue Agency for a duplicate:

  1. in person: make an appointment online and present the AA4/8 form on the day of the appointment.
  2. by e-mail: fill in and send the AA4/8 form together with your identity document to the address of the local office that you can find on the website
  • How to book an appointment with the Revenue Agency

On the Revenue Agency website it is possible to book appointments (for example request for assignment of the tax code, duplicate tax code and health care card) and access the personal area mainly via SPID/electronic identity card.

To book an appointment go to the page